​​​Course Contents: 
​Lesson 1:  The Need For Food Safety Training
Lesson 2:  Foodborne Illness: An Overview
Lesson 3:  Biological, Chemical and Physical Contamination
Lesson 4:  Common Foodborne Illnesses and Intoxications
Lesson 5:  Hygiene, Health, and Food Safety
Lesson 6:  Purchasing and Receiving Foods
Lesson 7:  Storing Food and Supplies
Lesson 8:  Preparing and Cooking Food
Lesson 9:  Serving Safe Food
Lesson 10:  Equipment and Utensils
Lesson 11:  Cleaning and Sanitizing
Lesson 12:  Pest Control
Lesson 13:  Facilities
Lesson 14:  Management Control and HACCP Systems
Lesson 15:  Practice Examination




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